Prince Edward Street

  • Prince Edward Street


This project was a complete new build from the ground up. It comprised of a 2650 sqft three bed, two story house including a basement with a 745 sqft two story laneway house. This is a high-end installation with automated lighting control, audio visual install and indoor electric golf driving range.


Voltas started on this project late November 2018. We were very aware from the start, the effort that had already been put in by the architect, designer and general contractor to ensure this project would meet the high grade that was expected. Our first pressing task was to ensure that the integration between the electrical installation and the lighting automation would run smoothly. We also needed to ensure good communications were made between us and other contractors onsite to ensure that not even the smallest details were missed.

Client: Turco Homes

Location: Prince Edward Street, Vancouver

Area: 3400 sqft

Completed date: July 2019

Category: Residential