Celments Ave, North Vancouver

  • Celments Ave, North Vancouver


This project invloved the renovation of the kitchen, living area and master bedroom of a large 3 bed house. The downstairs was completely transformed into a beautiful open plan area. The project involved taking down all interior walls between the kitchen and living area. A new modern kitchen was installed. The master bedroom and En-suite were completely remodelled.


The majority of the old lighting was stripped out and energy efficient LED lighting installed. Existing wiring was relocated to accommodate the new kitchen. All old switches and plugs were changed. New circuits were pulled from the existing panel for counter plugs. Master bedroom switching was rewired and new lighting installed.
Obviously when you are working in someones private residence, quality and delivering to customer expectations are vital. This level of quality was achieved by paying the same high level of attention to even the small details as we do to all other aspects of the project. We also always insured the time needed, was spent communicating with the client to guarantee their expectations were understood and the work needed, was done to make sure these expectations were met.

Client: AGL Interior Design

Location: North Vancouver

Completed date: January, 2018

Category: Residential