Body Energy Club

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Body energy club is a health food store and supplements supplier with a smoothie bar on West Hastings street, Vancouver. The existing area was open plan. A smoothie kitchen had to be installed.


As this is an old building with exposed red brick it was important to the client to ensure the installation did not take away from this style. It was decided that exposed EMT on the brick would be used to keep with this older, industrial look.Multiple circuits were needed for kitchen appliances and point of sale registers. Emergency lighting was updated to comply with code. Extra lighting fixtures and LED strip lighting was installed to better showcase products for sale. Wiring for security cameras were also installed.
The client was eager to open the store as quick as was possible and time was the major constraint on this project. A great importance was put on scheduling and communication to ensure milestones and deadlines were met. Thanks to this extra effort the finish deadline was met.

Client: Body Energy Club

Location: West Hastings, Vancouver

Completed date: December, 2017

Category: Commercial